Jean Taylor


Phone:01 287 3232



If you hurt yourself at home, at work or on sporting field we focus on getting you back doing the things you love as fast as possible and making sure you achieve lasting freedom not just temporary relief.

We use a wide variety of techniques including;

  • Hands on treatments such as joint mobilisation, manipulation and soft tissue massage
  • Electrotherapy including ultrasound and interferential
  • Tailored exercise programme so you can keep working on your recovery between sessions.  These may include stretches, strengthening and core stability.

Did you know even a small abnormality in foot function can have large impact on joints higher up body e.g. pain in hips ,knees or lower back.

What are orthotics ?
Orthotics are custom made orthopaedic devices that fit comfortably inside your shoes. They help to restore normal balance and pressure on your muscles and joints

Likely you need orthotics if;

  • Pain in your feet e.g. planter fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Pain in knees ,hips or lower back
  • Visible foot problems i.e.bunions,fallen arches,corns etc
  • If you spend a good portion of your day standing
  • Your shoes wear out quickly and unevenly

Jean established her practice in Greystones in 1994 and moved into Roches Clinic when it opened in 1996.